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Since she arrived as bi in 2012, Evan Rachel Wood (celebrity, artist, and LGBTQ+ activist)
is really blunt
about LGBT liberties and issues—and rightfully therefore. In a community where in actuality the raising acceptance (yay!) with the LGBT area has a tendency to nonetheless require that somebody either determine as gay or directly, its merely today becoming more common to see celebs alongside influential figures openly distinguishing as bi.

We usually like hearing from wooden about the woman encounters because she does not sweep throughout the negative elements of our world when it comes to the way we treat people in the LGBT and queer society.

Just what does material want you to learn about biphobia?

1. There are *so* many misconceptions about bisexuality.

In a
current interview with Motto
, she demonstrated
dealing with biphobia
, saying, ”

I do believe because we’re typically erased, folks just don’t have the content. There is plenty unfavorable connotations with this tag.”

Generally, folks extremely just don’t


bisexuality, so that they do not think its actual.

2. people feel motivated from the tag.

She resolved issues about tags, as well, stating, ”

I realize the debate about labels together with desire to do away with them altogether. I do believe that is a great idea. But before that people need certainly to offer folks the opportunity to identify with someone or a group in some manner. That aided me personally.”

Bisexual people and particularly bisexual women can be very more likely to manage
thoughts of separation
and invalidation that contributes to
mental health problems
, anything Wood herself features discussed
at fantastic length

3. Bi individuals need to find out their unique tales really matter.

“It’s so perplexing, specially when there’s not some information available to choose from,”

Wood stated on the decreased accurate representation of bi men and women. ”

Erasure is causing folks harm and decreasing self-confidence and getting folks in harm’s way. It really is a genuine demand. I want individuals understand that it really is ok, [bisexuality] is good, and their stories issue.”

It’s essential observe
influential celebrities
like material being *so* available about their own experiences with biphobia. Besides can it verify just what lots of bi individuals are feeling, but it also reinforces the most important requirement of representation in main-stream mass media. Whenever marginalized identities tend to be
, we’re in a position to hear a bigger many voices and make certain that everyone can easily see people like all of them on the planet.

We completely *heart* Evan Rachel Wood, and hope she will still speak out against problems facing bisexual men and women. It is all as well important to keep that discussion heading within the popular.

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